The Art of Accomplishment Case Studies

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

We regularly file amicus curiae briefs in Oregon courts on behalf of public interest and community groups in a wide variety of cases. These have included:

  • Briefs on behalf of the NAACP’s Oregon branches in several post-Ramos v. Louisiana, 140 S Ct 1390 (2020), cases challenging criminal convictions obtained under Oregon’s law (declared unconstitutional in Ramos) that allowed conviction by nonunanimous juries. State v. Flores Ramos, 367 Or 292 (2020); State v. Kincheloe, 367 Or 335 (2020); State v. Dilallo, 367 Or 340 (2020); State v. Ciraulo, 367 Or 350 (2020); State v. Chorney-Phillips, 367 Or 355 (2020).
  • A brief on behalf of 26 Professors of Immigration Law, Civil Procedure, and Administrative Law in a case challenging the Trump administration’s policies and practices that caused immigration courts to deny essentially all asylum claims. Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center v. Trump, 475 F Supp 3d 1194 (D Or 2020).
  • A brief on behalf of several political parties seeking to uphold the validity of campaign finance reforms. Multnomah County v. Mehrwein, 366 Or 295 (2020).
  • A brief on behalf of the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force supplying crucial information related to characteristics of domestic violence associated with increased lethality risks to survivors in relation to a case addressing the standard for issuing a restraining order under the Family Abuse Prevention Act. M.A.B. v. Buell, 366 Or 553 (2020).
  • Numerous briefs on behalf of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association in appeals involving issues such as the viability of bystander claims, Philibert v. Kluser, 360 Or 698 (2016); the imposition of constructive trusts, Evergreen W. Bus. Ctr., LLC v. Emmert, 354 Or 790 (2014); and the scope of the civil jury trial right, M.K.F. v. Miramontes, 352 Or 401 (2012).