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Larkins Vacura Kayser Prevails in $750,000 Real Estate DisputeMay 15, 2019
Larkins Vacura Kayser Attorneys Bridget Donegan and Hopi Ruplin recently won a defense verdict for a home seller who was sued for fraud after his real estate agent whited out his disclosure forms that were given to the buyers. After hearing a week of testimony, the jury found that there had been no fraud. On a separate claim for consumer law violations, the buyers asked for $250,000 plus $500,000 in punitive damages. The jury awarded the buyers $3,000, and rejected their punitive damages claim in less than 15 minutes.
Larkins Vacura Kayser Investigating Claims by GPB InvestorsApril 26, 2019
If you invested in a GPB Capital Holdings fund and are interested in learning more about possible claims and remedies you may have, please contact Larkins Vacura Kayser.  GPB Capital Holdings, LLC is facing serious allegations of wrongdoing from authorities and individuals alike.  The company is currently under investigation by the SEC, FINRA, the FBI, and a number of state and local authorities and regulators.  In addition, there are already multiple lawsuits underway against GPB Capital Holdings, including allegations by former GPB Holdings Operating Partner Patrick Dibre that GPB was operating as a Ponzi scheme, “GPB paid its investors significant returns based upon falsified financial information,” and GPB had to “implement a different investment methodology than the one disclosed to …
Julie Vacura at Women’s Trial AcademyApril 8, 2019
Julie Vacura led a session on direct examination at the 2019 Rothauge Women’s Trial Academy on April 5. The Women’s Trial Academy is a practice course designed and taught by women to help trial lawyers enhance skills in a small, collaborative group setting. The session addresses some of the unique challenges women face in the courtroom.
Julie Vacura Presents Summary Judgment CLEMarch 7, 2019
Julie Vacura made a presentation about Summary Judgment on March 7, 2019 for the Multnomah Bar Association Young Litigators Forum. The Young Litigators Forum is a series of weekly, one-hour seminars on litigation issues geared towards members who are new to the practice of law.
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