The Art of Results


We have briefed and argued numerous cases in the Oregon Supreme Court, intermediate appellate courts of Oregon and Washington, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our team includes former clerks for appellate judges of state and federal courts, and a former chair of the Oregon State Bar Appellate Practice Section Executive Committee. Our winning record includes obtaining reversal of a trial court decision dismissing our client’s action to recover possession of a prized family heirloom (a 1930 rodeo queen’s outfit), and affirmance of a trial court decision holding that protestors arrested on misdemeanor charges had a right to jury trial even though the state later elected to treat the charges as violations. Our clients frequently enjoy success on appeal, whether they are seeking to reverse or defend the lower court’s judgment. Our attorneys’ work has resulted in published opinions in areas as diverse as banking, corporate buyouts, the Uniform Commercial Code, property law, personal injury, civil rights, administrative law, retirement benefits, election law, and criminal law.