The Art of Accomplishment Case Studies


We represent 125 investors who collectively lost over $50 million in a local Ponzi scheme. To get their money back, we sued one of the largest international law firms, the largest accounting firm in the U.S., one of the largest stock brokerage firms, a bank, and a national valuation firm that participated and materially aided the sales of the securities. The defendants deployed teams of attorneys from some of the largest and most reputable law firms in Portland and across the country. That did not deter us. We have defeated multiple motions to dismiss, rebuffed attempts to delay justice for our clients by, among other things, defeating mandamus petitions filed with the Oregon Supreme Court, taken and defended more than 70 depositions (with many more on the horizon), and compelled the production of millions of pages of important documents in discovery. Along the way, we have reached settlements with several of the defendants that have resulted in significant recoveries for our clients.