The Art of Accomplishment Case Studies

Integrated Approach

Among the hundred plus potentially responsible parties in one of the nation's largest environmental cleanup sites, our client reached out to us to help them navigate through the complex legal and factual issues of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.  There is a lot at stake.  Together, industry, landowners, and governments face staggering remediation costs, estimated over $1.4 billion to address legacy contamination.  The case concerns facts going back over 100 years and has a lengthy parade of allegations.  Staying focused, we have guided our client to the facts and positions that really matter.  Controlling costs for the long haul is essential.  Working in a multi-talented team of scientists, experts, and lawyers, we have and continue to arm our client with the right tools to persevere.  We bring with us our well-rounded understanding of environmental law, science, and policy, but paired with healthy rations of common sense and first-hand knowledge of the insurance coverage issues that so often linger in the background.