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Larkins Vacura Kayser Obtains Favorable Settlement on Behalf of Pro Bono Client

November 9, 2021

Larkins Vacura Kayser attorney Kelsey Benedick obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of a pro bono client in a Section 1983 civil rights matter. The client, an adult in custody (AIC) at an Oregon prison, represented himself pro se in claims against various Oregon Department of Corrections officials alleging violation of his Eighth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights, among other claims. The U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon appointed Ms. Benedick as pro bono counsel to conduct additional fact discovery and summary judgment briefing, and to potentially take the case to trial. The parties reached a settlement of the dispute during a judicial settlement conference, which resulted in significant monetary compensation to the client, increased access to exercise equipment for AICs in disciplinary segregation at the prison in which the client is housed, and increased exercise time for AICs in long-term disciplinary segregation at the same prison. LVK attorney John Rake and LVK legal assistant Annette Kimmel provided significant support on this matter.