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Larkins Vacura Kayser Prevails in Franchise Dispute

October 7, 2019

Larkins Vacura Kayser attorney Cody Hoesly prevailed before the Oregon Court of Appeals in Pride Disposal Co. v. Valet Waste LLC, 298 Or App 751 (2019). Affirming the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of our client, Valet, the Court of Appeals held that Valet’s business of taking trash from tenants’ apartments to on-site compactors at apartment complexes does not constitute “collection” or “transportation” of waste under two municipal codes, such that Valet does not violate a waste hauler’s exclusive franchise. The court explained that, in context, the terms “collection” and “transportation” mean taking waste from the compactor and driving it to the dump or other authorized facility. Larkins Vacura Kayser attorneys John Dunbar and John Rake were trial counsel in this case.