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Larkins Vacura Teams Up with Esler Stephens & Buckley to Pursue Claims for Aequitas Investors

February 26, 2016

Chris Kayser at Larkins Vacura and Mike Esler at Esler Stephens & Buckley have been investigating claims arising from investor losses in a variety of Aequitas investments, including promissory notes. It has been widely reported that investors were advised to invest in Aequitas by means of a number of misrepresentations and material omissions in apparent violation of Oregon Securities laws.  Our investigation is not limited to Aequitas and its principals but also includes other professionals who participated in promoting  and aiding in the offerings and who may be liable for the losses.  For more information, please contact Chris Kayser at (503) 222-4424, Mike Esler at (503) 223-1510 esler@eslerstephens.comor Gary Hardiman at (503) 223-1510